Recent work

Nutrition Advice - Wessex fm

Giving basic nutrition advice on current nutrition topics.




Barton Hill House - Shaftesbury School (Dorset)


A bespoke nutrition training session for 14-18 year old young people.

The session included basic nutrition, healthy snacking, body image and maintaining a healthy weight.




FAB (Food, Activity & Behaviour) for Dorset Food and Health Trust

- Course development, piloting and subsequent training for staff in children's centres

The aim of the pre-school intervention development and piloting was to improve the awareness and knowledge of key healthy lifestyle messages aimed at children aged 2-4 years and their families, in order to prevent childhood obesity.  


FAB (Food, Activity & Behaviour), a five week course for one hour a week was researched and developed.  The course incorporates the lifestyle messages around healthy eating, behaviour changes, physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour relevant to preschoolers and their families.  Practical activities include healthy eating, portion sizes, tools for working with fussy eaters, physical activities, using music for activity, cooking together and non-TV activities for toddlers.




Incredible Edibles (Dorset Food and Health Trust)

- weaning toolkit for health professionals involved in weaning


This is a weaning toolkit that has been designed for use by healthcare or childcare professionals, in settings such as children’s centres, Sure Start centres and baby support groups.  The information covers children aged 0-5 years as well as family eating patterns. 

It consists of:

  • resource pack
  • recipe book
  • the toolkit is also supported by four booklets which contain tips and information for parents and carers